Garbage Truck Repairs, Truck Painting & New Dumpsters

Garbage Truck Guides, Wear strips, Floors and Blade Shoes:

Container Services Unlimited, Inc. repairs and rebuilds Hauler Guides, Wear Strips, Floors and Blade shoes.  We use OEM AR400 (Abrasive Resistant Steel) specially manufactured for this application.  We have all the equipment at our facility to remove the blade and make the repairs.  We can also go to your site if that works better for you.  We have a fast turn around on these repairs to get your Truck back out on its route.  Also we can repair the back ends of Rear Loaders.  
AR400 is what the Original Equipment Manufacturer used when your truck was new.  We keep it in stock for a fast turn around.

Free up your Maintenance department by calling us for the repairs.  Catch the repairs before they get more expensive.
Our experienced repair technicians will do the work right the first time and we guarantee it.  Call Don for more details or questions.  803-647-1135

New Wear Strips 

New Dumpsters:

C.S.U. offers new dumpster's made to customers specifications.  We manufacture the special or hard to make containers, low volume and for private owners. Our intention is to provide a heavy duty F.E.L. container that saves you replacement costs over the long term.  We will provide you with any special modifications that you ask for.

Options include but not limited to:

  •  100% welding on all inside corner and bottom seams
  •  Food acid resistant coatings on the insides and bottoms for restaurant applications
  •  Heavy duty skids that will not collapse in the field
  •  Heavy duty sleeves
  •  Extra lid hinges to prevent damage to lids
  •  Full length front bumpers to prevent damage to dumpsters from Haulers
  •  10 yard containers 

    New Floor  

  We are Veteran Owned    

Our experienced repair technicians take extra precautions to make sure your equipment is safe during the vigorous welding process that takes place during the repairs.  

Garbage Truck Painting:

We can provide you with "On Site" Truck painting.  This can be done on off days so you don't loose time on your routes.  Trucks are completely cleaned and lightly sanded before painting.  We mask all area's that are necessary. Call for a quote.  You will like our prices.  Our past customers say they look like new again.

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