Container Services Unlimited, Inc. 
P.O. Box 9245
Columbia, SC 29290

Our repairs are just like when the container was manufactured or better.  Safety, customer satisfaction and wanting to be known as the best in Roll Off repairs is our goal and we don't take short cuts.  No skip welding.  Our welds are 100%.

Some of our extra special capability’s:

  • Gate seals to containers never made with seals
  • Increase or decrease the yardage of your excess inventory
  • Straighten bent gates and repair gate channels                              
  • Repair rusted walls and floors
  • Custom sized wall support channel caps
  • Repair bowed or collapsed walls
  • Rail repairs or replacements
  • Hook conversions
  • Wall stiffening gussets

We can handle any types of repairs to Roll Off containers:


Roll Off Repairs 

Give us your bowed, damaged, rusted and bent walls, sprung gates, bent gates, rusted out floors, broken front supports, frozen rollers,latch problems, worn out rails and we will make them serviceable and look like new again.  We will quote any Roll Off and let you decide if it is worthy of repair or not.

We check and repair all of those things that cause problems for your drivers saving you time.  Gates are adjusted so that they operate with ease.  Safety is also one of our highest concerns.
We sand the containers completely then paint them and apply your logos so they are ready for service.

Compactor Sales, Installation and Repairs:

We highly recommend you visit Becker Complete Compactor, Inc. for your compactor needs for professional workmanship.  Our friends at B.C.C. are the best in the business!



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