Container Repairs

Make the smart choice and call Container Services Unlimited, for the experience that gets the job done right the first time. Container Services Unlimited offers an all-inclusive repair and refurbishing service. SAVE MONEY! We can repair, replace bottoms, repaint your old equipment to save you money and keep your containers looking new. Painting is as economical as $5 per yard; we even provide on-site welding, fixing bottoms for a fraction of the cost of a new container.  We service North Carolina, NC, South Carolina, SC, Georgia, GA, Florida, FL for Dumpster and Roll Off repairs.

Give Don a call for more information! 

Each bottom is constructed of 1/8" thick hot rolled steelmanufactured in the U.S.A.The bottoms are fabricated to custom sizes as needed for each customer so that the side walls are straight up and down for a sharp and new look.  
Front and back walls are formed rather than welded and we make all sizes for 8, 6, 4, and 2 yard containers.
All new bottoms are sealed inside and out to deter corrosion and have optional drain holes installed.   (2) full length 2" high x 3" wide skids are fabricated and installed with end caps. 

Old bottoms are removed, and minor repairs to containers are performed.  All old decals are removed and containers are high speed sanded and then painted.  

We can also make 6 yard containers into 8 yards that need new bottoms, to make usable inventory out of excess inventory.  If your container is missing side sliding doors, we make them the same day.  

Put our experience to work for you today and start saving money immediately!

Have questions? We have answers! Feel free to give us a call at 803-755-8488 pertaining to any of the service mentioned on this site. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.

We are a Family owned business with a long history and experience that you need. 

If you put us to work on your containers the job will get done right the first time and every time like clockwork.  We will free up your staff to work on projects other than repairs which will save you time and money.  Our crews have the latest equipment fully loaded on our trucks so that you don't need to supply anything while we work.  Each crew has an accumulated 15+ years experience in field work so they get the job done like you want it.  When our repairs go back to your customers it will provide you with the best advertising by looking like new again.

We provide Quality in our work.

Cosmetics matter when making repairs.  We straighten walls, dents, and fronts to get them back into a more eye pleasing appearance.  We apply your stickers or logos after painting is completed. Our replacement bottoms are sealed at our shop before we bring them to your site and will last longer than the originals did.  We even offer a more indestructible bottom for those customers with food processing waste that leak and rust out the containers if you request it.

Other options we offer.

We can provide acquisition services for repainting and street work to get your work completed within a short time frame.  Our crews can make repairs at your customers site without causing difficulties with the environment. 


We are fully insured with a 2M policy and have our own workers compensation for our employees.  We can provide the binder with your company named on it.  


We quote the work in advance and we also only charge by the unit work and not the time.  So if unforeseen challenges occur like equipment failure or inclement weather, you don't pay for the loss time.  Our pricing is aimed at 1/2 replacement costs or less.  We accept Visa for your convenience.


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 All repaired and new Gate installed

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 Rusted, missing baffles and missing Gate


We have most parts in stock for your repairs.  Lids, Hinges, Rollers, Rails, Latches, Safety Chains and sheet metal.

Recycle Containers:

If your recycle containers are getting old and rusting out around the sides or floors, give us a call.  They can be repaired like any other container.  The baffles can be repaired, removed or replaced.  We also keep an inventory of the original doors for replacement.  Your users will appreciate the new looks we can give them.