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Is your equipment looking old?  Are your bottoms falling off?  Your customers will appreciate a good clean, and new looking waste container.  It could also be good advertising for you! 

New containers are more expensive than ever before.
Don’t replace; repair and refurbish!  We can completely repair for 1/2 the price of a new container or less for containers with less damage, and it will be better than a new one.  Manufacturers are reducing costs and it affects the quality.  We can repair any of your containers and they will last longer than new ones.  Contact us for a free estimate now.  

We continually work hard to find ways to reduce our costs in order to offer you savings in repairs.  Having us quote your containers that you might think are scrap or outlived their purpose may save you huge expenses in replacements.  We can repair any container for less than the replacement cost. 

C.S.U. can completely refurbish any type of your waste containers.  
We service South Carolina, SC, North Carolina, NC, Georgia, GA and Northern Florida, FL

We service Waste Companies, Private owners, Apartment complexes, School Districts, Government Municipalities, Military Bases, Hospitals and more.  Go to page two for more details. 

Dumpster Repair, Waste Container Repair, F.E.L. (Front End Loader), Roll Off Repair, Recycle Container Repair, Sludge Boxes Repair.  We also repair Truck Guides, Shoes and Floors for Haulers.  See the rest of the site for more repairs we can offer you to save you money. 

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